• Collision preparation

    I’m preparing to go to the Collision conference in New Orleans at the end of April.  I’ve passed my information to hopefully be selected in the top 100 startups.  If selected at the beginning of April I will be in the Pitch program.

    I have a lot to prepare for the conference.  I’ve prepared my business cards and flyers, and I have also made the order of my product to demonstrate and sell at the convention.  I have to get my business cards and flyers printed off and I need to make my website match all my promotional material.  Once I receive the product I have to add my inventory to my website, and I have to make sure my website is in top notch shape for the competition.  But there is much left to be done with the website.  I still haven’t found an ad network to play with me, and getting my system up and running with Mislukas, my payments solution company, probably won’t happen till after the conference.

    I still need to finalise my profile on the Collision website so that when investors and reporters check out my profile I look stellar.  Just a few tweaks and I’m ready for that, the deadline is just around the corner.  I really hope to impress because I am hoping and expecting a lot of meetings scheduled between now and the conference to take place during the three days I will be there.  It’s going to be investors in a candy store with me.  In one example I will give investors, I can make $2 million a day in advertising revenue with only a small active crowd.

    For example, if I pay a person who is wearing my bracelet 500 pesos or 17 cents for delivering one ad to another person who tags them and they have six ads on their bracelet, then they make 3000 pesos or $1 for meeting someone.  If I have a market of 10,000 people who actively meet 100 people a day and I split the ad revenue 50% and 50% with them; well that’s $2 million in one day of use.  And that is really not too much to ask an advertiser to pay 33 cents for the delivery of a personal experience with their advertising.

    So I’m working very hard to get everything as close to I can get as possible.  I know I won’t be fully functional when I go to the convention but that is what the negotiations and building my team are all about.  Once the cat is out of the bag, I’m going to really have to chase down the dream to get the prize.

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