• Finding a CIO

    Through Twitter the wife of my said be CIO found me tweet looking for people to join my C suite positions.  This is really a breath of fresh air as he wants to help me take my site off of WordPress and develop the structure and foundation of the site from scratch.  He also has visions for the future app.  If I can retain his attention, this is a big leap forward.

    I’m also bringing onboard and accountant.  There really isn’t that much to account for but maybe some solid projections can be made.

    Next step is to sell it like it is.  It’s almost the end of the school year and I will be approaching college students to see if they are interested in the year to come and high school seniors to prepare them to immediately connect when they take the leap to college next year.

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  1. Kelly Smith says:

    Hey AC,
    I think this could be a fad. Take a look at one of my websites I built.

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