• WebSummit

    I see you are headed to the WebSummit. I’m looking to speak there. I want to bring to light the emergence of mobile nfc as a social platform for the delivery of not only individualised information from users but also customisable content and advertising that is shared peer-to-peer bringing in a higher value of media based on a ‘pay per scan’ pricing model which includes paying the users for creating the in person connections through the scanning of their personal nfc devices.

    Great for conferences and fairs, sorry I was unable to introduce some very early stage programs that I’ve discovered to be used at the WebSummit, maybe next time. It’s also great for the first day of college or in casual business encounters throughout networking events. The stress here is the personal, in person, touch that nfc enables, thus creating a very lucrative and sensitive moment for distributing backed and represented material by users.

    If you would like to get a glimpse of my thought leadership in the nfc industry and keep a step ahead before the word gets out you can immediately visit http://bit.ly/2bj37CN.

    Please share your input,

    AC Grindl

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