Qoo? What?

Welcome to Qoo Bracelet and Qoo Connection which, allows you to communicate and share socially in any situation, be it networking, school events, with friends, or even with extended family.  All done in seconds simply by passing a NFC enabled phone over the personalised Qoo Bracelet.  Immediate face-to-face encounters stimulating live interaction are the result.

You can share music and articles as well as the traditional photos, videos, and web links.

Qoo Bracelet works without an app and is physical. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter allow anyone on the web to peruse your personal content. Qoo Bracelet on the other hand requires real life interaction to initiate the social concept of the bracelet.

And, you can add all your social media accounts to your bracelet for instant access by those that Qoo you.  You can add your: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Flickr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and an RSS feed to your blog.  Qooers can simply click on the icon to your account when they are viewing your profile of your bracelet on their phone and bingo, they can connect with you.

If you don’t want this and you want to keep your online identity safe till your satisfied, simply leave your social account links off the bracelet.

The Qoo Bracelet works very simply. The Qooer with NFC turned on in their phone, and connected to wifi or 4G, passes over the Qoo Bracelet of the Qooee and magically the Qooee’s profile appears on the Qooer’s phone for investigation. Immediately your music, photos, videos, articles and more are on display ready to develop further conversation in a real-time, real-world, situation.

You’re sharing the information you want with who you want to when you want to.

To get started look at the Demo Profile to see what your Qoo Bracelet profile might look like on another person’s phone.

When you have purchased a bracelet you need to follow the Setup Instructions of your bracelet.  It’s not that tricky but you need to follow the instructions carefully as all bracelets come with a unique site name and id for the bracelet to function personally for everyone.

The next step is to learn how to personalise your Qoo profile more to your liking. Detailed instructions are provided on how to master editing your profile.

I hope to see you one day and we can Qoo each other. Till then Qoo-on and get out there into the real-world again.

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