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The 1st amendment and 9099 gives you the ability to retain the right to wear protest logos the fasti and bargain the story of Faust in his pact with the devil has its origins in medieval times but has been used in various literary works including those by Christopher Marlowe and your horn Wolfgang von Goethe in these tales Faust reaches an agreement with the devil in which he gives up his soul to methodist awfully is in return for wealth power or some other type of diabolical favor to day of fasting and bargain simply means a contractor pact agreed with a view of immediate gain without regard for a potentially disastrous cost or long term consequences and this agreement the company service surgery male or content short video news link stock prices and so on serves as a bait to entice users to allow the Internet company to monitor their online activities tracked the preferences elicit their opinions and send them targeted advertisements there is no over reaching omnibus data privacy legislation that attempts to regulate how companies personal data in America for the most part the FTC carries the regulatory burden for the protecting the rights of consumers online and as we saw earlier it has been fairly active in prosecuting companies are violating existing data privacy laws under the fair credit reporting act as an indicator of data privacy and how it’s been involved sponsoring the consumer’s privacy bill of rights these are part of a broader and niches of that includes an Internet policy task force driven by the US Commerce department Respect for context security access and accuracy focus collection and accountability the digital advertising alliance agree to a clear and simple method for users to opt out of being tracked through I do not try policy that is now also been accepted by Marcus art AOL Yahoo and Google as well as other companies which represents some 90% of online advertising California’s bill AB 370 requires companies to this close clearly what I users options are if he or she wants to opt out of tracking and to reveal to consumers when they intend to share PI with 3rd parties california now even requires that all my companies providing a race button so that teenagers can delete misguiding posts before the big data big Bang all the US Department of Commerce and 2001st developed a framework known as safe Harbor the safe Harbor for visions require yearly certification by companies that agree to comply with 7 principles notice choice onward transfer security data integrity access and enforcement but much has changed since the safe Harbor including the US Patriot act according to the Patriot act all that data can be accessed by the US government at any time without the knowledge or consent of European authorities or the citizens themselves the all encompassing nature of the Patriot act puts in direct conflict the new EU data protection regulations the anuses you bake it was data collection policies said the Innes a had grown into an uncontrollable monster the right to be forgotten ruling by the EU court and made 2014 is loosely parallel and its implications to the Patriot act that has even led critics including Matthias Donner the CEO of Germany’s digital publishing house Axel Springer to charge the groups as powerful as Google who may attempt to avoid the clutches of regulators The not so far fetch considered Google has concert constructed to massive mystery floating barges one in San Francisco Bay the other in the Harbor of Portland Maine

I am now going to read you a short survey of the kind of data that falls under the heading of big data collection universe today Internet originating digital data sources online shopping and sales Uploaded films videos images and music online advertising news journals articles blogs white papers scan literature Internet searches and Web traffic social media sentiment data Web visits log files and click stream data employment sites and Web based employment postings broadband based home and mobile streaming media output from smart components performance monitoring and computer based main maintenance CBM software and applications IOT applications from cars to sports watches thermostats washing machines and refrigerators online purchases articles read Internet searches favorite site scraping of social media sentiment analysiswe of online consumer customer reviews credit reports text capture from credit applications record recorded account opening interviews call center and customer service notes social media chatter and other customers market research non honor net Internet originating digital data sources cellphones GPS credit cards back off his business function software your PCRM office and security employee and payroll insurance accounts and in-and-out and buy relations and agreements line function monitoring power generation generation telephones product production lines and so on financial services low latency data and algorithmic trading supply chain management sensors and intelligent reporting systems make a move logistics tracking performance systems business to business ordering and payment tracking CCTV cameras and surveillance other offline social financial and behavioral data credit card transactions and balances by nasal records auto and other loans store preferences supermars savings cards brand preferences product warranty cards mortgage and property records US census records motor vehicle data magazine and catalogs assertions responses and survey sweepstakes and contest entries church in tenants and tittering contributions to political parties criminal records health related data hobbies lifestyle data and come and socio no socio economic status mobile smartphone and apps geographical data GPS cell phone records social media locators told Bruce easypass zip codes and on store purchases phones and mobile communications Twitter and her location Huge amounts of digital data being produced can be captured stored and analyzed for diagnostics pattern recognition and even reliability and failure predictions since 1974 and early days of modern computing product idenity has been tied to the universal product code UPC a barcode limited basic information part that in application and pricing today’s radio frequency identification tags are of ID have the compasses I for sophisticated sensing in reporting technologies at the item level not only were laying information about the product or container itself but also where the park has been and when it was their tracking the temperature and admitted the of the environment and root quality assurance and whether the product was tampered with or opened safety and security these or if ID tags can be then read using near field communication in AC or B Martin remotely via Wi-Fi and the Internet by the company or the consumer from The set of standards for short range radio transmission using electromagnetic radio technologies that can be used with smartphones and other mobile devices to exchange data with NFC supported doubters devices or chips sometimes also known as stickers are tags a user’s identification information is held on the SIM card of the user’s mobile phone and by tapping or swiping the smartphone against the innocent sticker device the user can invoke a growing number of apps for mobile payment systems to purchasing tickets or updating store loyalty program information in AC technologies are already supported by android devices Microsoft and BlackBerry smartphones and will probably become integrated to Apple’s I wallet and included in the iphone acts and iPhone 8

In traditional Chinese assigning culture there is a notable absence of what those in the West would describe as the right to privacy this is awe mean however that the Chinese have no concept of a right of privacy if we trace Chinese history and detail we find that the Chinese people do not care about the right of privacy but they operate with a different understanding and definition than the West where the privacy standards often seem to equate to the right to be left alone thus the Chinese concept of privacy is better explained as group privacy rather than individual privacy historically Chinese notions about privacy have focused on shameful or embarrassing things and could involve a safeguarding family secrets around indecent and another girl acts according to the young jerking in Asian Chinese societie we could not find a similar distinction between the public law and private law as in ancient Rome but could only find a single standard lady which governed almost everything and link the family and the nation this link is manifested through 3 Cardinal guides and the 5 constant versys the 3 carnal guys are these the ruler guys the subject the father God the son and the husband guides the wife the 5 constant verges our benevolence righteousness propriety knowledge and sincerity these content concepts have had a strong influence on this Chinese culture creating a strict social hierarchy and limiting personal life the Chinese concept of public and private is more about the relationship between the public and the family and not so much between the public and the individual thus as far as the traditional Chinese understanding goes the privacy of an individual is not as important as the privacy of the whole family the latter being a special kind of group privacy or collective privacy for the entire family by the end of Teen administrative regulations hundreds of departmental rules and others normalizing documents of laws they use the word Dean sir Jean sur privacy For violations of these decisions punishment shall be imposed in accordance with the law such as warning fine confiscation of illegal income license 4th of its sure or cancelation of recordation closure of website or proverb ition of relevant liable persons from engaging in no work services which shall be recorded in to the violator social credit files and disclose to the public and the public security administration is violated public security administration published punishment shall be imposed in accordance with the law those suspected of a crime shall be punished in accordance with the law doesn’t verging upon the civil rights and interests of others assume civil liability in accordance with the law Article 195 and compensation for not property damage is to body health reputation or freedom provides that if the victim is a legally injured regarding his or her right to body right to health right to reputation right to freedom right of credit right to privacy right to chastity or any other legal interests and rights of personality with serious consequences the victim shall have the right to demand a certain amount of money as conversation you know her he or she hasn’t suffered property loss when his or her reputation is in French upon that the victim shall have the right to demand that his reputation be rehabilitated with certain appropriate punishments At the beginning of the heightened panic about the girl sharing information on social network sites in 2005 to 2013 which includes the panic about sexting that began in 2008 as Guillen describes a media frames as a persistent patterns of cognition interpretation and presentation of selection offices and exclusion that people used to organize disclosure discourse words frames promote particular interpretation evaluation or solution for an event or issue the set of dominant common sense this course that I focus on is not the only type of commentary about sexting nor is it so All-powerful that it some subsumes all other discourses however as this project demonstrates it is the discourse that into lines many legal and educational policies that impact youth

In other cases and bawling involving the malicious distribution of private photos courts and found that such behavior can qualify as an infliction of emotional distress privates private media circulation would help to establish that unauthorized image distribution among teens or adults may indeed be all rages as argued in this chapter it is in reasonable to have some expectations of privacy even in digital media environments section 230 of the 1996 communications decency act provides website operators with immunity from a liability for the Canton content that their users publish which helps maintain free speech on the Internet however this immunity does not extend to the intellectual property violations once a website owner has been notified digital millennium at copy right act 1998 the rationale is that while the financial impact of the copyright violation can be significant if a privacy violation could be in irreparablyl harm a person’s reputation because the digital millennium copyright act can be abused to suppress speech rather than to a addressed legitimate copyright claims specific limits on such a system of takedown notices for privacy violations would be necessary is necessary is there regardless of how it is and implement in my explicit consent standards suggest that users should be able to remove the private images of information from websites commercial databases and even some government records Even though the US Supreme Court of held the search of the students person in New Jersey worse is to yellow the court recognized several and porn principles 1st the court noted that the 4th amendment applies as a searches conducted by the public school officials the state also argued that because school officials acted like parents in local currencies they should be treated like parents and not be subject to the Constitution if a parent and reasonably such as a child’s Room the child cannot Sue his or her prayer under the Constitution the school argued that a student should be not be able to Sue as school official for an unreasonable search the court rejected these arguments more generally the court has recognized that the concept of parental delegation as a source of school authority is not entirely consonant with compulsory education laws school officials act as representatives of the state not merely a service for their parents and they cannot claim the parents immunity from the strictures of the 4th amendment Of identification badges or conducting more searches of loggers and even bodies there is no doubt that students 4th amendment rights or in a pro kit for carriers position the classroom is the 1st place as soon as have the chance to learn about constatation government power is the students learn that they have no privacy rights and school what impressions will they take away about the importance of constitutional freedoms mandatory uniform and dressed policies are unconstitutional restrictions on individual liberty mandatory uniform and dress code policy to restrict the creativity and Foster resentment and students the student suggestions are to this student school violence mirrors that of societie a large school should seriously confront and discuss issues of racism and cultural conflict say chordal program should be supported to protect this safety of students as they go to and from school school intereses should be secured more extracurricular activities and clubs should be establish open Mike assemblies should be held on a regular basis to give students the opportunity to express themselves programs to help students find part time jobs should be established and conflict resolution techniques should be tart uniforms and dress code policies did not really make schools any safer whether they are shallow solutions to a deeper problem the dead pig electronic consent privacy policy has been agreed upon and the real world when you’re in an elevator and you as for medical insurance you must pause thinking that a digital world and think about trader Joe pharmacy selling it for 799 with a popcorn in a receipt you get a ship to your house and that’s called a Web doctor in its high risk

Instagram can sell posted follows AT&T prevents a legal activity Is been proposed that Google and Bill Gates created 2001 911 seen it forced by different governments and different ways Google says user users are not anonymous we don’t write text anybody $500 a year based on the data you provide in early 2 thousands and that’s why you’re getting often to everything opt in opt in lobbyist had become a growing problem miss Wright ment is part of the electronic frontier foundation E should join that what if you buy a too much alcohol don’t in Walmart in Minneapolis a man found out his daughter was pregnant because of email advertising the next move that we are currently in with digital frontier is that we meet may change seeks conditions we are going to share this information with 3rd parties we may share with the government we may look at your Internet and fro traffic we may look at your social networks and by I say may I mean we may add there is no guarantee that this information won’t be disclosed States using social media there are no social network sites because there is no privacy and finicum us information awareness office is something Trying to help hacktivist group anonymous is also trying to help a wiretap requires a court order and signed so you cannot spy on somebody just because you want to or think the you my friend of little knowledge and no government experience going to the highest levels have any business spying on somebody else Is a dream come true for the CIA to be like the NSA all searches still there is no D item I searched search number in Google for 4016279 On a mise by 3rd party doctrine without giving the 4th amendment because students have rights too and there is a gag order to unpopular people talking about unpopular things

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