Capture your Inspiration™ to Inspire.

Transfer 'Dreamboards' to another mobile device with the power of Nfc.

The power of marketing is now in the hands of the individual publisher, not the advertiser.

Your may be an influencer, but you can also be a brand ambassador, champion, or advocate.


Qoo classmates and professors at the beginning of the year to get to know who's around you quickly and give updates about the year to come.


Colleagues are great to Qoo when you want to have a deeper connection or conversation over the water-cooler and share your experience.


Whether you're traveling by airplane or on the train, or even in the elevator; you can use the Qoo bracelet to deliver your resume or pitch on the fly.

Family & Friends

Qoo those in your family at reunions or those friends you haven't seen in years to catch up on those long-time-no-see situations.

News from Qoo

  • Clear Revisions

    I added some revisions, especially to the fact that you don’t need a Qoo Device anymore to operate but if you do they now work on the iPhone 8 and X.  I also added demos for all the possibilities Qoo […]

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  • WebSummit

    I see you are headed to the WebSummit. I’m looking to speak there. I want to bring to light the emergence of mobile nfc as a social platform for the delivery of not only individualised information from users but also […]

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  • Finding a CIO

    Through Twitter the wife of my said be CIO found me tweet looking for people to join my C suite positions.  This is really a breath of fresh air as he wants to help me take my site off of […]

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  • Collision preparation

    I’m preparing to go to the Collision conference in New Orleans at the end of April.  I’ve passed my information to hopefully be selected in the top 100 startups.  If selected at the beginning of April I will be in […]

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  • The Fresh Start

    My first attempt to launch the Qoo Bracelet as an offline tool to help you connect and protect your online identity, was not the best approach.  However, relaunching the device as a user friendly way to quickly allow people to […]

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Qoo Life-style

Qoo dares you to know new people

Qoo is an ancient art of the American Indians who instead of battle would 'coup' leaders from other tribes with a special decorated stick to have an advantage in negotiations.


Qoo allows the social interaction between people and the ability to learn about someone immediately and gives you the ability to stay connected across all channels instantly.

The Idea

Ideal for artists to promote themselves. Models, painters, musicians even writers can deliver their portfolio immediately, sharing updates and dates of events they are sponsoring.

It's Useful
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